Here at the Crown Beach Resort & Spa we can cater for all types of Events

Corporate Events

Have your business Conference  / Event with is. Some of our special events have included Bank Card Launches with the Bank of the South Pacific and the new Mastercard Lunch with the Bank of the Cook Islands, JetStar inaugural flight launch, Government and Private sector conferences, Tourism Meetings and Workshops, Miss South Pacific’s Beauty Pageant and fundraising events for Whale preservation/research: SPCA and Esther Honey Foundation.

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Gala Dinners

With a wide variety of locally inspired and internationally infused cuisines, it’s no wonder that we are often the 1st choice for many special ‘Gala Event’ dinners. We successfully hosted the Miss South Pacific 2015-2016 Annual Dinner for more than 200 people.

Let us cater for your culinary extravaganza and make your event a celebration of fine food and excellent wines.

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Fundraiser Events

Just as people need food to sustain life, non-profit organisations need funding to survive and carry out their good works.

The Crown Beach Resort & Spa is always delighted to create Events for and on behalf of worthy causes.We have already created numerous types of Fundraiser Events: from The Annually held Humpback Whale Research end of season celebration called ‘A Whale of and Event’, to the ‘Hat & Hound’ Event for the SPCA – you name it, we can do it.

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It is always good to be thankful for what you have in life, and what we have accomplished. However it’s best not to lose focus on the ‘bigger picture’. In other words, if we are to appreciate the fruits of life, we must first appreciate the tree that bears the fruit…birth itself.

As birth is the portal to one’s beginning, the annual celebration of our birth is the opportunity to remind ourselves of our life goals and to recognise those family members as well as friends who sustain us in our daily life. The Birthday Event is a celebration of life and an opportunity to express our thanks for all that we have. Let us help you celebrate this momentous occasion.

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weddings in the cook islands


While most couples remember the important moments in their relationship: the moment they met, their wedding day, the births of their children etc.. Many of us do not remember to actually celebration these special occasions – especially after several years together…

Research shows that marking important anniversaries can actually help strengthen relationships. If a couple are having problems, actually taking the time to celebrate this special date together, will spark memories of those happy times shared in the early days and will reignite the flames of love.

Talk to us today to see how we can make you rekindle that very special feeling

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Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Exceed expectations and wow your loved one with a beautiful  ‘Dinner on the Beach’ package, featuring a heavenly setting in one of our two waterfront Gazebo’s:, complete with white linen, silverware, glassware, flowers & candles, flaming tiki torches, a gourmet 3-course dinner, bottle of sparkling wine, your own private waiter, a glorious sunset as your backdrop, twinkle lights and the sound of waves lapping on the beach…