The ocean is the amniotic fluid from which all life on this planet originated, without water – there is no life.

Humankind’s gradual adaptation and ability to survive on land has required that our bodies undergo significant change to enable and maintain the critical balance of ‘pure’ water in our systems: which not only requires sufficient hydration but also removal of deadly toxins. However, unlike the many species that remain within our oceans, we have lost touch of our ability to be able to tap into the infinite life-force contained within every drop.

It is this life-force that we need, to be able to maintain perfect physical and mental health.

At Spa Ariki, our therapists understand that the secret to lasting beauty is certainly not skin deep…. And that in reality, it is largely dependent on the health of our interdependent and complex physiological systems.

This is why our beauty packages always incorporate treatments in reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure massage, elements of homeopathy and most importantly – WATER, sound and spiritual awakening therapy, leaving the application of organic beauty treatments to the very last.

At Spa Ariki we build on beauty that has been reignited from within the body, which will ultimately be far more lasting than simply the application of surface / cosmetic beauty.

Enua massaging is done with coconut oil which has been used for centuries for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.  We combine this with raw sugar to create an invigorating body buff to exfoliate the skin and leave it soft and nourished.

Pawpaw is of the worlds most nutritious fruits full of enzymes, minerals and vitamins – especially A and C and has wonderful effects on the skin.  It also contains papain which softens and clarifies the skin and can reduce sunspots and acne scaring. We use ripe pawpaw applied to the whole body as an intense detox for the skin.  This is also combined with Mango when in season to further increase vitamin C content.

For all other moisturising and facial treatments we use the locally produced ‘Rito’ skincare range.  This is produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality product while maintaining the maximum benefit from the virgin cold pressed coconut oil as well as a host of additional natural ingredients.

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