South Pacific Resorts Ltd – Environmental Policy

You may question why a company that is primarily focused on operating within the Tourism Sector, would place as much emphasis as South Pacific Resorts Limited does on its’ Environmental Policy. The answer is actually exceedingly simple: –

It is the unpolluted beauty of our immediate natural environment that draws travelers to this part of the World, and if we fail to effectively support nature’s delicate interdependent microsystems which sustain our natural environment – we will quickly lose this most valuable natural asset, tourists will cease to choose to come here, the company will fail and the livelihood of our employees and their families, will also be lost.

To disregard the importance of nurturing and preserving the health of our Natural Environment, would be utterly irresponsible. South Pacific Resorts will continue, where reasonably possible, to actively support our immediate natural environment. One project at a time, one day at a time: and although progress may not always be immediately evident – not a single day will pass without our employees enthusiastically taking their custodianship of our beautiful island of Rarotonga, extremely seriously.

South Pacific Resorts Ltd proudly takes its place among the rank and file of other environmentally conscious individuals, businesses and organisations. Please see further for more details regarding our initiatives focused on sustaining and rejuvenating our immediate natural environment, as well as promoting the wellbeing of certain creatures that co-exist with humankind in our beautiful Paradise.

whale in the cook islands

Crown Beach Resort & Spa is a responsible and caring hospitality entity that protects and nurtures exemplary partnerships with its staff, its natural environment, its neighbours, its partners, its host community and more.

The following points outline the founding principles of its ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY:

Crown Beach Resort & Spa shall operate as a friendly custodian of the land and sea it operates on for future generations to come.

Crown Beach adopts a full recycling program in partnership with the Cook Islands Recycling Facility which sorts out waste and processes the same for export to New Zealand for re-manufacturing.

Crown Beach operates a multimillion dollar liquid waste processing facility on site that breaks down waste water to safe levels for distribution through its extensive gardens.  Solid waste is removed off site to the national waste management facility where it is composted for agricultural farming in the village.

Crown Beach also manages a marine reserve in the lagoon area in front of the resort and has a coral replanting program in place to develop a large coral garden.

Crown Beach is investigating a solar energy structure to reduce by 45% its reliance on diesel generated electricity from the national grid.

Crown Beach works in harmony with Arorangi Village (location) by giving first opportunities to local residents in terms of employment, supply chain opportunities and is a  leading sponsor of village –community projects with a focus on education, youth and sports development.

Crown Beach uses phosphate-free detergents across all departments to ensure a fully biodegradable facility.

Crown Beach Resort & Spa is proud to operate in the Cook Islands and will continue to foster win-win partnerships with its neighbours & natural environment to ensure it is able to achieve absolute sustainability.

Crown Beach Resort & Spa is a major contributor to the local Whale Research Group headed by the world renound whale biologist Nan Hauser.