Bruno the dog, has a very real and important job, in fact he has two jobs….see further, and also click on the link to his own personal FaceBook page ‘Bruno on the Beach’.

His most important job is as the handsome poster-boy for the SPCA’s initiative to humanely reduce the overpopulation of dogs on Rarotonga, estimated at circa 5,000, of which under half this population has been de-sexed. This overpopulation, and in particular the number of dogs that have no homes at all, has resulted in these beautiful creatures being undervalued and often regarded as pests, and / or mistreated as a consequence.

For the last two years, the SPCA has been working hard to raise the NZ $120k necessary to fly a number of vets teams out from New Zealand to de-sex some 1,600 dogs – in a ‘military -style’ island wide blitz, which will take about 5 weeks.

The Crown Beach Resort is proud to be the Primary Sponsor of this campaign, and continues to hold fundraising events on site to sustain this initiative. In addition to this, a newly ‘branded’ Event called the ‘Hat and Hound Event’ is to held every New Year’s Eve – the purpose of this event is to at the end of each year raise a significant level of funds to support the SPCA’s entire annual operating budget for the following year.

Bruno is himself a rescue dog, who has endured a previous lifetime of shocking mistreatment and starvation. In 2014, after having been found near to death on the beach and taken to the Esther Honey Foundation [nonprofit organization based in the USA providing free vet services to Rarotonga] and operated on a few times…: decided to adopt his own personal human-friend, Erika Bult, Managing Director of South Pacific Resorts Ltd.

Now, as a totally recovered and successfully re-socialised animal: Bruno delights in playing his part at the Crown Beach Resort and Spa. His daily duties include; the official welcoming and Fare Welling of Guests to the Resort with his work-colleague Ngamatua [the Resort’s resident warrior], assisting Guests balance on their kayaks [you need to see the photos to believe this…] and ‘saving the baby from drowning in the Lagoon’…..much to the amusement and shrieks of laughter from our Guests.

Bruno’s fairytale story of survival, coming from a background of rags –  and finding a new life rich with friends, unconditional love and free access via his contacts in the Resort’s two restaurant kitchens…..can be evidenced by his infectiously happy disposition, as well as his challenged waistline. JJ

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bruno our dog on the kayak in rarotonga